Project coordinator

Fraunhofer Portugal (FhP) promotes applied research that drives economic development and serves the wider social benefit. FhP aims to enhance people’s living standards, specially focusing on ‘Ageing and Elderly’, by offering intuitive and useful technology solutions, capable of lowering technical and financial barriers that usually hamper the use of ICT and effective participation in the Information Society. Main research areas are autonomic computing (self-management and remote management of devices), information retrieval (information fusion), and HCI (usability and user experience design).

Can Cook (CC) is a social enterprise dedicated to improving people’s food knowledge and skills as well as improving people’s access to good food. Can Cook is a training organization in the process of transforming its operation into a food production business (Meals on Wheels) focused on preparing food for vulnerable older people – Older people who are in care and or in their homes. This business approach is wholly established to tackle older people’s poverty – making sure older people who are isolated for whatever reason are able to make good food choices to support their health and their wealth (regardless of income levels).

Sonae MC is the food retail market leader in Portugal with a number of distinctive business segments, which offer a varied range of high quality products at the best prices: Bom Bocado, Bagga (cafeteria/restaurants), Note! (book shop/stationery), Continente (hypermarket), Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia (convenience supermarket), Meu Super (franchised supermarket), Well´s (health, well-being and eye care) and ZU (Dogs and cats products and services).

Red Ninja Studios (RNS) are a design-led technology company. We involve users in design, from the first scribble of an idea, through to the product launch. We use a co-creation approach to design and develop products that people want and will use. We believe in the power of design and technology to change lives. We’ve helped: people who are older to love online shopping and use the internet to reduce isolation; young people to manage their mental health – instead of their mental health managing them; big companies to use less energy and save more money; leaders to make cities Smarter. Our sensor technology helps people to live independently in their own homes for longer. We bring a brilliant team. Experts in Big Data, app development, electrical engineering, biomedical science, sensor technology, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and machine learning. Experts in design, co-creation and user experience.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) operates according to a humanitarian goal, through a social intervention that includes health services and medical care, education and culture as well as the promotion of quality of life, particularly for those most in need of protection. In pursuing its objectives, SCML: has facilities and services in each area of Lisbon to directly meet the existing social needs; conducts socio-economic studies and multidisciplinary research among the population; develops a social work in the areas of childhood, youth, family and community, and elderly people; has a teaching establishment and training centres; has two hospitals and health services; cooperates with all the entities (national and international) which pursue similar goals. Regarding support services for the elderly, SCML provides: 26 Day centres with 1167 end users; 14 Home support services with 2288 end-users; 13 Retirement homes with 573 end-users; and 7 Assisted living residences with 122 end users.

Association of Catholic Organizations of Senior Citizens (UNIEKBO) is the largest senior citizen organization in the Netherlands. Since 1952 Unie KBO promotes the interests of senior citizens and develops a range of activities and services for them, considering the needs and desires of various groups of seniors. Unie KBO is an organization of people aged 50 and older. The organization has about 200.000 members. Unie KBO collaborates with many other organizations and companies that deal with issues that affect seniors. The emphasis of activities is on three aspects: advocacy, providing services to the associations and service to individual members. Unie KBO advocates the collective interests of senior citizens in the Netherlands in the areas of health and care, socio-economic matters, housing and mobility, education and new technologies. Unie KBO is member of AGE Europe (European network of around 165 organizations of and for people aged 50+ representing directly over 30 million older people in Europe). Unie KBO was and is involved as a user organization in the AAL-projects: Happy Ageing, E-mosion, ChefMyself, Fit4Work and SeniorLudens.