Ready, set, go! First workshops held in Lisbon

In order to understand older people’s wishes and needs, we planned a set of workshops to take place in Portugal, the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. In these workshops we will have groups of independent seniors, seniors benefiting from meal delivery services and also professionals working on meal preparation/planning/delivery who will discuss relevant aspects of their daily lives. Together with the survey that we are launching (we will tell you all about it soon), these workshops will help the consortium define how the CordonGris product and service(s) should be like.

The first of these workshops happened this past 15th of July, in Lisbon, at Espaço Santa Casa. We opened the session by presenting the project and its partners. Still in the morning (busy schedule!), we held the workshop with nine service providers. In this workshop we collected information to identify the main barriers and opportunities from the participants’ points of view.

In the afternoon we had another workshop, during which we could interact with seniors who cook their own meals and those who subscribe to a meal-related service. We collected valuable data about how people make decisions, what their habits and attitudes towards food are, among other things.

In these workshops Fraunhofer Portugal, Santa Casa da Misericórdia and Red Ninja Studios were present. Next stop: the Netherlands.
Photos of the event.
Video of the event.

Photo by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa